We are filmmakers who understand cinematography and the importance of using motion and imagery to tell stories. Specializing in low altitude cinematography and photography, we have the experience to safely and creatively collaborate with you to get incredible images that will elevate your project to the next level.
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We are excited to work with you to capture cinematic images.

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Q: How high can you fly? A: Legally 400ft
Q: How fast can you fly? A: Around 35-40mph
Q: Can you fly in wind? A: Yes, less wind is better, but we can fly up to 20mph winds.
Q: What kind of flight time do you get? A: Around 14 minutes before a battery change. We also have enough batteries and chargers to keep us going all day.
Q: Is your camera stabilized? A: Yes, we use the DJI X3 4K camera. It allows for super smooth footage in camera.
Q: Do you travel? A: Yes, we travel the world but some countries are more restricted than others. Contact us and we will help you out!

We fly with a three person team. A pilot who operates the multirotor, a camera operator who operates the camera gimbal, and a safety officer.

We utilize a video downlink which allows the camera operator and client to see the shot as it’s happening.

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Cine' Aerial Imaging is a division of Filsonian Motion Pictures. To find out more about our production services click here