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We are excited to work with you to capture cinematic images.

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Q: How high can you fly? A: Legally 400ft
Q: How fast can you fly? A: Around 35-40mph
Q: Can you fly in wind? A: Yes, less wind is better, but we can fly up to 20mph winds.
Q: What kind of flight time do you get? A: Around 14 minutes before a battery change. We also have enough batteries and chargers to keep us going all day.
Q: Is your camera stabilized? A: Yes, we use the DJI X3 4K camera. It allows for super smooth footage in camera.
Q: Do you travel? A: Yes, we travel the world but some countries are more restricted than others. Contact us and we will help you out!
Q: Are you certified pilots? Our Remote Pilots in Command are FAA part 107 commercial small sUAS operators.

We usually fly with a three person team. A pilot who operates the multirotor, a camera operator who operates the camera gimbal, and a safety officer.

We utilize a video downlink which allows the camera operator and client to see the shot as it’s happening.

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Cine' Aerial Imaging is a division of Filsonian Motion Pictures. To find out more about our production services click here